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9 Costly Laptop Features You Don’t Need

If you’re buying a laptop, it’s important to look for ways to cut costs. The average person doesn’t NEED a lot of the frills and fancy add-ons integrated into many of the costlier laptops today, and you’ll save a lot of money if you don’t buy what you don’t need.

Here are a few features you’re better off without:

  1. Optical/HD/Blu-Ray Drive — Really? How many times are you going to watch movies from a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc when you have Netflix and Hulu? How many CDs do you expect to burn when you have external hard drives and USB drives? You don’t really need a CD drive, so it’s not a MUST when computer shopping.
  2. Backlit keyboard — A lot of the fancier Dell and Alienware laptops offer these keyboards, but the computers themselves are usually sold at an exorbitant price. The truth is that very few people actually NEED a backlit keyboard, which is designed for gaming use. Even gamers don’t really use the keyboards, so those looking to cut costs should avoid buying laptops with backlighting.
  3. VGA Port — If you work at a traditional company, chances are you may need to connect your computer to a TV screen at some point in order to give a presentation or slideshow. Many people buy computers with a VGA port because they think they need it, but have they never heard of HDMI ports? They now come with every computer, and they’re the much smarter way to connect computer to TV screen.
  4. Lock Slot — Some computers come with a lock slot, which allow you to attach a cable and lock to your laptop. While this is great for those who work and travel, the average user doesn’t need it. After all, who’s going to take your computer from your house or shoulder bag? Cut costs and avoid this unnecessary feature.
  5. Biometric Security — If you buy a business laptop, you’ll find that it will often come with a fingerprint scanner for added security. While this is great for those who keep sensitive information on their computer (your “naughty” pictures don’t count), it can raise the cost of the computer by up to $100. It’s only NECESSARY for business computers, but the average user should consider it an unnecessary expense.
  6. HD Webcam — While it’s nice to be able to talk with friends and family elsewhere in the world, do you really need to do it in HD? A simple webcam may not offer the stunning clarity that an HD webcam does, but you’ll pay FAR less.
  7. Ethernet Port — There are very few people who still NEED Ethernet ports for their computers. While it is useful to have, it’s not something you should pay extra for. After all, the world is becoming more and more wireless, to the point where you probably can’t remember the last time you plugged in an internet cable.
  8. Dedicated Graphics Card — If you are a video producer, a gamer, or someone who NEEDS a lot of graphics, by all means invest in a good graphics card. If, however, you use your laptop for Facebook, Microsoft Word, and more basic games, don’t bother buying a dedicated graphics card. The average computer comes with a graphic card able to play all but the most hardcore games, and you don’t need to spend extra.
  9. Superfast Processor — You often see Intel or AMD advertising their latest high speed processor, and you think, “Wow, I want my computer to run that fast!” Well, unless you’re doing 12 different tasks at once, the basic CPU will be just fine.  You’ll spend at least $100 more on the latest processor, but it won’t make your Facebook page open any faster.

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